Trendy Food Trends of 2016


Fermented Foods Fermented foods such as pickles, sauerkraut, and kimchi are the next generation of cool foods that will combat sugar with their sour taste. As well as this the […]



Trendy. Definitely trendy, especially within the younger 13-18 year old demographic. We’re seeing numbers of around a million viewers on high profile games at high profile tournaments with the last […]

Emoji Poo Cushions


Apparently these are trendy. These are set to take this Christmas by storm with many people buying them for secret santa gifts and as small little joke gifts to their […]



Trendy. These are really on trend recently. Everyone wants to own a start up. Thing is, not everyone can progress from the start up stage and actually make any money. […]

Black Friday

Let's go shopping!; Shutterstock ID 126762269

Not Trendy Is it trendy to act like savages only to save $50 on a TV? No. You don’t need that TV you’re only buying it because it’s cheaper than […]



Trendy. This is a new blogging social networking platform that promotes minimalism and focuses on the content instead of flashy themes. It’s taken off recently with the backing of many […]